Tyson Family History

John Tyson (first known ancestor of our line) is found in Northampton County, Va., as early as 1664. He is found in the tithables list (head tax lists) as early as 1664 as "Jan Mathiason", in 1675 as "John Mathiason", in 1676 as "John Mattison" and in 1677 as "John Tyson".

On March 27, 1679 "John Tyson and Susannika his wife and Matthias Tyson their son" bought 100 acres of land in Northampton County, Va., from William Andrews.

John Tyson appears to have died in Northampton County, Va., during the first half of 1683, his Will being dated March 1, 1681, and probated August 28, 1683. In the Will he refers to his wife "Susanna Tice" and his "three children Mathias Tice and Anne Tice and Katherine Tice". John himself is referred to in his own Will as "John Mattice" and "John Mattison" and even signed his name as "Jan Mattison". One must understand when reading the variations of the name "Tyson" that it underwent anglicization. It is the belief of this writer that John Tyson's-real name was "John Mathias Tyson" because of the resemblance of the use of the name "Matt Tyson" for Mathias Tyson in a few documents and the names "Mattice" and "Mattison".

On July 28, 1691, Robert Tompson (Thompson), tailor of Accomack County, Va., and "Susannika his wife, late the wife of John Tyson and executrix of his Last Will and Testament... and Mathias Tyson son of the said dec'd. John Tyson, late of the said County of Northampton and now of the County of Accomack... planter" sold to Charles Parker, gunsmith of Northampton County, Va., 100 acres for 3,000 pounds of tobacco in casks, the former land of John Tyson. At the bottom of the deed Mary Tyson, wife of Mathias, signed over all her dower rights to the above land to Charles Parker. From the deeds it is known that Susannika Thompson remarried third by 1702 to Robert Hamilton of Northampton County, Va.

Whatever became of Susannika and her daughters Anne and Katherine is unknown at this writing.


Mathias Tyson is believed to have been born in Northampton County s Va. between 1665-1670. From the aforementioned deeds it appears that Mathias Tyson had married by 1691 to Mary __? and supposing he was at least 21 years of age at the time of his marriage it would put his birth date between the above two dates.

On February 20, 1693/94 Mathias Tyson bought 300 acres of land in Accomack County, Va., for 7,000 pounds of tobacco from Catherine Bowman, widow of Edmund Bowman, late of Accomac dec'd. and Daniel Esham and Gertrude his wife of Accomac, executors of Edmund Bowman.

In 1694 Mathias Tyson listed one tithe in Bailey's Precinct, Accomack County, Va., and did the same again in 1695.

Mathias Tyson was still in Accomack County, Va., as late as November 20, 1702, when he signed a power of attorney to Tully Robinson. On February 2, 1702/03, Robinson sold for Mathias Tyson the 300 acres he bought from the executors of Edmund Bowman in 1693 for 4,000 pounds of tobacco to Robert Hamilton (his stepfather).

Mathias appears to have left Virginia and his name appears later, mistakenly, in the 1704 Bally Precinct Quit Rent Roll (land tax list) as still being the non-resident owner of the 300 acres mentioned above. The list under the heading "The following lands of which Quit Rents may possibly be recovered, though the owner lives out of the County", gives his location with the word "Southerd", meaning "gone south".

The area where Mathias Tyson settled in North Carolina, and where his sons grew up is in modern day Hyde County. He lived along Slades Creek, on the Matchepungo (Pungo) River, in what was known as Bath County.

The earliest known record of Mathias Tyson in North Carolina is the mention of land "patented by my father Mathew Tison in the year 1708" in the 1739/40 sale of land by Edmond Tyson. This date must be incorrect since Mathias Tyson did apply for a land patent from the "Duke of Beaufort, Palantine", but did not receive it until after his death in 1710.

Mathias Tyson died in Bath County, N.C., in the area now known as Hyde County between the date of his Will, April 5, 1710, and the date of his land patent (mentioning him as deceased) May 31, 1710. In his Will Mathias "Tisson" refers to his wife "Mary Tisson" and his grandson "Arone Tisson" and lists his children in the following order: (I) "Jhon Tisson", (2) "Edward Tisson", (3) "Corneilyous Tison", (4) "Sdmond", (5) "Thomas Tisson", (S) "Susanna Tison". (7) "Jhonas Tisson", (8) "Samuell Tison", and (9) "Mathyas Tisson". From the available evidence it appears that the children were named from the oldest to the youngest.

Mary Tyson, the widow of Mathias, was named in the Will as the sole executor of his estate and inherited the land on which he lived. In 1715 "Mary Tyce" paid a tithe in Hyde Precinct of 6 pounds, 9 shillings, and 6 pence. She paid no tithe in 1716, and from the records evidently remarried to George Hill of Beaufort County. Mary Hill is mentioned in the Will of George Hill, dated March 30, 1723 and is listed as of Beaufort Precinct on February 7, 1737/38, when she sold 70 acres on Slades Creek (where she formerly dwelt) to her son Edmond Tyson.


Cornelius Tyson was named in his father Mathias Tyson's Will in 1710 and was to receive "one cow with all her increase". Family tradition seems to have omitted where Cornelius Tyson settled; however he was patenting land in both Craven and Beaufort Counties during the same years his brothers were acquiring land. These patents turn out to lie in present day Pitt County, on the Little Contentnea Creek and the area near the Greene County line.

Sometime between 1708-1711, Cornelius Tyson with his brothers "freeholders in Wickham Precinct, Bath County" and others petitioned for a court to be set up in that Precinct, which became Hyde Precinct. In the 1715 Hyde County tax list Cornelius "Tyce" listed only one tithable, paying 15 shillings tax. In the 1716 tax list he paid 19 shillings tax, and in the 1717 tax list he paid 15 shillings.

On November 19, 1730, Cornelius Tyson received a patent for 150 acres in Beaufort County. On November 27, 1730, Cornelius Tyson, "cooper" of Beaufort Precinct, Bath County, was deeded land in Beaufort and Hyde Precincts. In 1739, he was granted other tracts in Craven and Beaufort Counties. On February 25, 1745, Cornelius Tyson bought 300 acres south of Tar River from John Hurley of Beaufort County, and on March 15, 1749, he sold the same tract to Arthur Williams. On December 4, 1744, Cornelius Tyson was appointed one of the justice of the peace in Beaufort County.

It is known that Cornelius Tyson married a Miss Mills, the daugh¬ter of John Mills of Beaufort County. In the Will of John Mills dated January 2, 1739/40, John Mills named Ms grandsons: Cornelius Tyson (received a gun) and Moses Tyson (received land). Cornelius Tyson (named * as John Mills' son-in-law) was made executor of his estate.

In December 1745, Moses Tyson, executor to the Last Will and Testament of Cornelius Tyson., posted bond as executor.

Children of Cornelius Tyson are as follows:

A. Moses Tyson, Sr. (b. ca. 1721) married __? He lived near Little Contentnea Creek and Pinelog Branch, near modern day Farmville, Pitt County
He had issue:
1. Richard Tyson (lived in Greene County)
2. Moses Tyson (b. 1755-d. 1823) married Elizabeth Joyner
3. Joab Tyson (d. ca. 1825 in Georgia) md. Anna Joyner
4. Abraham Tyson (d. 1802) md. Honor ?. Honor Tyson md. second to Benjamin Barrow
a. Dicey Tyson md. Amos Wilson
b. Sarah Tyson md. Jacob Joyner
(i) Isaac Joyner
c. Polly (Sarah) Tyson md. Alfred Hart
d. Tempy Tyson
e. Elizabeth Tyson md. Benjamin Forbes, son of Clement Forbes
f. Bowen Tyson (moved to Greene Co., NC)
g. Honor Tyson
5. Cornelius Tyson
B. Cornelius Tyson (b. ca. 1720-d, 1789) married ca. 1741 to Mary Sherrod (b. ca. 1720-d. 1770). Their daughter Mary Tyson (b. April 6, 1748-d. January 1800) married November 25, 1765 to Benjamin May (b. March 17, 1736-d. August 8, 1808). [For descendants see Benjamin May.]
C. Abraham Tyson (b. ca. 1725-d. ca. 1775). He married Lucy (Sugg) Tyson, widow of Major Tyson and daughter of George and Judith Sugg. Abraham Tyson was a justice of the peace in Pitt County as early as 1761 and was high sheriff of Pitt County in 1765-1786. Around 1786, Abraham Tyson's widow, Lucy, married third to William Burney.
1. Abraham Tyson, Jr. - According to NC Revolutionary War military papers, Abraham Tyson enlisted in Pitt County in the 8th Regiment U.S. Army on January 16, 1777, wherein he was a sergeant. He marched with his company to Alexandria, Virginia, where he died in the hospital there of smallpox.
2. Cornelius Tyson - (b. ca. 1759-d. ca. 1791) md. Polly Susan Richard Forbes.
a. Susanna Tyson married first to Richard Williams and had a daughter, Polly Richard Susan Williams. Susanna md. second, after Richard Williams' death, to Moab Rountree and had Elizabeth Ann Rountree.
b. Nancy Ann Tyson married first to Thomas Harris (b. 1782-d. 1818) and had issue:
i. Richard William Harris (b. August 20, 1807)
ii. Henry Ferdinand Harris (b. May 24, 1814) twin.
iii. Ailsy West Harris (b. May 24, 1814) twin. Nancy married second in 1820 to Allen Renn Dupree (b. 1794-d. 1823)
iv. Allen Renn Dupree, Jr. (b. 1821-d. December 9, 1845).
3. Allen Tyson (b. ca. 1766-d. ca. 1820) married second to Rachel ___? They had the following children:
a. Zelote E. Tyson
b. Sophia Tyson married Charles Vines
c. Richard E. W. Tyson (moved to Perry County, Ala.)
d. Allen Tyson, Jr. (d. 1843). In 1833 Allen Tyson carried on a locksmith and gunsmith business in connection with Henry Chamberlain Cotton Gin Factory in Greenville, NC. He married Mary Jane Brooks (b. 1818-d. 1904).
i. Lisetta Tyson md. John B. Baker
ii. Elizabeth Tyson
iii. Benjamin Tyson (b. Pitt Co. ca. 1844). Mary Jane Brooks Tyson married second to Thomas Cox, Sr. (b. 1820-d. 1871) and had 9 children.
e. Lemuel Tyson (b. ca. 1803-d. 1860) married Eliza Vines (b. ca. 1809) daughter of Samuel and Mary (May) Vines. [For descendants see Lemuel Tyson.]
f. Lydia Tyson, moved to Perry County, Ala. and married there in 1836 to Bryant Bland.
g. Fanny Tyson
h. Susannah Tyson (md. James W. Gaylord?)
4. Sugg Tyson - He was described as an "idiot" in a court case. He died in 1826. On January 19, 1827, commissioners were appointed to divide his lands among his heirs.
5. Charles Forbes Tyson - He was a member of the detached militia from Pitt County in 1814. He married ___? They had two known children:
a. Susanna Tyson
b. Cornelius Tyson (b. December 8, 1808-d. April 28, 1894) md. ca. 1838 to Lydia Tucker (b. ca. 1821-d. October 23, 1895) daughter of Benjamin and Clara (Ewell) Tucker.
i. Archibald Alfred Tyson (b. November 28, 1838-d. April 27, 1914) md. Mrs. Margaret Ann Alford Rives.
ii. Clara Elizabeth Tyson (b. September 5, 1840-d. January 8, 1925) never married
iii. Charles Tyson (b. November 16, 1841-d. ca, 1865/70) never married
iv. Almeta Tyson (b. April 19, 1844-d. Feb. 9, 1907) md. Jan. 30, 1866 to John M. Smith
v. Rebecca Leona Tyson (b. April 23, 1846-d. January 28, 1931) md. James Hardee
vi. John Cornelius Tyson (b. June 30, 1848-d. July 1, 1918) md. first January 18, 1877 to Mrs. Henrietta Pollard Coggins. He md. second on February 11, 1880 to Sophronia Ann Hudson.
vii. James Warren Tyson (b. July 8, 1851) md. December 22, 1875 to Mrs. Gatsey Taylor Walston
viii. Lovie Adelaide Tyson (b. April 3, 1855-d. February 3, 1941) md. December 21, 1876 to William James Sermons
ix. Mary Ann Tyson (b. September 30, 1856-d. November 30, 1937) md. George W. Clark.
D. John Baptist Tyson - He was listed in the 1762 Pitt County tax list as "Tyson, Jno. Babtist" and having no slaves.John Baptist Tyson married Ann ___? They had a son Azariah Tyson. From information in the New Bern District Superior Court Records, Ann Tyson gave birth to an infant boy on April 28, 1780, and she and her son Azariah Tyson murdered it by breaking it's skull with a woman's shoe. Azariah Tyson died before February 4, 1786 as Jonathan Tyson was made administrator of the estate of Azariah Tyson dec'd., selling 250 acres of his land to Emanuel Teel, Jr.


Edmond Tyson was named in his father Mathias Tyson's Will in 1710 and was to receive "one cow and calf and one cow yearling with all her increase". In the 1715 Hyde County tax list Edmond Tyson listed only one tithable. On September 13, 1734, he sold his plantation on Slades Creek to William Davis, being part of the land sold to him by his brother Samuel Tyson. On February 7, 1737/38, Edmond Tyson "of Hyde Precinct, planter" bought 70 acres in Hyde Precinct on Slades Creek from Mary Hill (his mother), being where she formerly dwelt. On February 8, 1739/40, Edcaoad Tyson sold land on the east side of Matchepungo River to William Foscue of Hyde County, being the land patented by his father in 1708 (1710?).

Edmond Tyson continued to buy land in Craven and Beaufort Counties, these lands were located in Pitt County when Pitt County was formed in 1760.

On February 28, 1739, Edmond Tyson received a patent for 200 acres on the south side of Tar River in Beaufort County (later Pitt County). In the 1755 Beaufort County tax list, Edmond Tyson was listed as having one white taxable and no male negro slaves. Through the deeds, Edmond Tyson was still living by May 23, 1765. Edmond Tyson married Mary __?